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The Charge in the Global Membrane
by B.W. Powe with street art photos by Marshall Soules

“If Marshall McLuhan were to rejoin us today, he would be stunned at how much has changed so quickly. Powe’s Membrane text does the update exactly as McLuhan would. The art work by Marshall Soules is nothing short of amazing. He’s a sort of Wyndham Lewis, Marc Chagall, and Picasso rolled into one.”

W. Terrence Gordon, author of Marshall McLuhan: Escape into Understanding, dramatist and essayist

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Writing Myself Into Existence
by Arthur Asa Berger

"Writing Myself into Existence is no ordinary biography. Professor Berger is an "unclassifiable adolescent" who has published 70 books to date. Whether you are in the English-speaking world or in China, you'll admire this "assassin of academics" legendary experience, profound knowledge and thoughts, great humor, and critical thinking that shines a light of wisdom throughout the book."

Junchao Wang, Professor of Media Criticism at Tsinghua University

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Into the Arms of the Goddess: A Kundalini Awakening
by Peter Nelson

"Grounded and often humourous, this intimate account of an extraordinary shift in consciousness presents a unique outlook about what it means to be a human being on earth today. One is somehow left with a sense that this could happen to anyone."

Maggie Fraser, Psychotherapist

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Media and Formal Cause
by Marshall McLuhan and Eric McLuhan

One of the 10 best books of 2011 - Artforum Magazine

"A sage and perceptive quartet of essays - three by Marshall McLuhan, one by Eric - which capture and extend a still quintessentially unique way of thinking about media, via patterns and connections that harken to the ancient world and redound to our present and future."

Paul Levinson, author of Digital McLuhan, and of New New Media

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