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Spirit Under Construction
by Jerry Harp

"With a clear, unsentimental lens on the past, Harp’s smart and captivating poems dissect the remnants of time and what grief charges us with daily. Lyrically powerful and unique in their stark American landscape, these vibrating poems serve as ropes that pull us back into the river and out again towards a safer shore."

Ada Limón, author of Bright Dead Things: Poems

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Ego To Earthschool
by Stephen Roxborough

"Encyclopaedic in scope, seriously playful, uncanny and witty, often very funny, always wise, rarely solemn, seasoned with more than a dash of righteous fury, Roxborough's luminous poetry (re)makes the world by letting us hear things we thought we knew by heart being spoken for the first time."

Geoff Inverarity,  screenwriter

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Underground Sun
by Lee Edward Pricer

"A ride down a well-crafted waterfall of words. An edgy yet soft puzzle of poetry. Lee weaves his words from an enduring and unique fabric. A true modern poet."

Karla Bus
, Poet, Road Scholar

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Mata Hari's Lost Words
by John Oughton

From the Introduction:

Sometime in 2017, hundred-year-old secrets will be uncovered. They detail the trial and execution of one of the most notorious and enigmatic women ever. Who was she? And what exactly was she guilty of?

The life of Margaretha Gertruuida Zelle, also known as Mata Hari, inspired this sequence of poems. Like Marilyn Monroe’s, her legend grew after she died in middle age. Both were more complex than their popular images suggest: Mata Hari was an independent, accomplished woman whose spying was her least successful venture. Today, the name “Mata Hari” connotes a glamorous, man-destroying woman spy, a curvier James Bond with eye make-up. In fact, Mata Hari was trapped and destroyed by men.

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Orpheus In Our World: New Poems On Timeless Forces
by Patricia Keeney

Based on the oldest of Greek songs in verse – the so-called Orphic Hymns, written even before Sun and Moon became gods in the pantheon, this breakthrough volume is a conversation between ancient and modern worlds, between myth and contemporary reality. The poetry of the gods enters into an active dialogue with Male and Female in a unique mix that is at once poetry and theatre. Keeney’s Orphics speak to the eternal connections between the grandeur of the cosmos and the intimacies of human psychology.

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One Foot In
by Jeff Pew

"Jeff Pew’s poems are full of play, curiosity, wisdom, and pain. He’s a generous poet whose work ranges from the beautifully banal to the bizarrely surreal. You should read him, and read him to your friends on the phone."

Stuart Ross,
author of A Sparrow Came Down Resplendent

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Seven Suns/Seven Moons
by Michael Dylan Welch & Tanya McDonald

"Michael Dylan Welch is known for his fresh takes on haiku and readers will be delighted by this new collection, a serendipitous collaboration with Tanya McDonald. For readers of this book, the sun and moon will never be the same—they will become mantras for encountering each day’s noteworthy events."

George Swede, cofounder of Haiku Canada and former editor of Frogpond

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The Smoke of Dreams
by Reena Ribalow

"Ribalow uses her beloved Jerusalem as biblical and literal backdrop, as inspiration and also metaphor, with an immediacy and intimacy reminiscent of Yehuda Amichai. These are essential poems, the sweeping arc of one woman's life (and many women's lives), that should be read and reread. I could not put it down."

Sharon Pomerantz,  Novelist, author of Rich Boy

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Decoding Dust
by B.W. Powe

  “What’s B.W. Powe:

   A Poet, 

   an aphorist, 

   a lyric philosopher-historian,

   a master of the post-modern-essay cybot…?

   Well, anyway, one of our best writers…”

   A.F. Moritz, Poet

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The Tongue Has Its Secrets
by Donna Snyder

"Snyder is a poet who tongues the language of birds, delves into the minds of sybils, explores connections with animals. She tests the boundaries of nothingness and somethingness. Donna Snyder’s poems are like Nüshu: secrets cast skywards like a cipher for those who know, to read."

Susan Hawthorne
, poet and author of Lupa and Lamb

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All That and a Bag of Neurons
by Carly Bryson

"No sentimental drivel to stain your tea cosy in Carly Bryson’s new book of poems. In a voice tinged with both weariness and worldliness, we glimpse a consciousness shaped by an unremitting land, an intelligence carving out its own territory, a cleareyed poet taking stock of her world. When she’s got something to say to you, your ears will be ringing from the crack of the bullwhip upside your head."

Doc Sigerson, Nonfiction Editor at RED FEZ

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Marshmallows & Despair
by David Ossman

David Ossman's shocking, awesome, poetic coverage of 21st Century War and Politics, tales of neo-noir nights in strange places, poems of aging, dying, and seeking refuge. 

This definitive collection celebrates Ossman’s 79th birthday and features a captivating cast that includes Beat St. Jack, Banana Clip Republicans, Funny Skydivers, as well as an Elegy to Rock Snot. 

You’ll be sold on Presidential Butts In Butter, exposed to Heisenberg at Holmes Harbor, visit the House of Garden Gnomes, and celebrate the Tulku’s Birthday.  

Enjoy a healthy dose of Ossman's Firesign humor matched with his own outrage, anguish and hope.

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Modes of Persuasion
by Erin Badough

"Modes of Persuasion is a seductive collection of poems and prose to light emotion on fire, and soothe the savage sentiment of the reader’s subconscious. An essence of Nin and cummings hover throughout the fierce suggestions, subtle nuances and exploration of form within this collection. Badough does the reader a sublime justice holding a balanced poetic sway. And tethered between a tightrope of lyrical content and the severed edge, the ravens sing their cacophony, the nymphs dance, and satyrs stir."

Apryl Skies, editor, Edgar & Lenore’s Publishing House

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salt/ / water
by william t marshe

“In this, his first published collection, Cape Breton native William Marshe gives us poems that could be a read as the map of an internal landscape. Frequently rooted in nature, Marshe’s verse explores the complexity of love and the inevitability of loss. It is, at turns, sensual, startling, melancholic, funny and chilling as he searches for that which is greater than the Known. Throughout this collection he is, as he writes in Bridal Path, ‘coaxing a dream from beneath the bed’. In that he succeeds, wholly. This is a beautiful book of poetry.”

Ed Macdonald
, author of Spat the Dummy and Atomic Storybook

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by Bonnie Wai-Lee Kwong

In ravel, Bonnie Kwong weaves from the disparate--from the quiet intimacies of love to the cruel depredations of history—an elegant fabric. Kwong’s poems are spare, restrained, yet at the same time made rich by her knowledge of multiple languages and cultures. “How much sweetness do we need to swallow the bitter?” asks one speaker."

Leslie McGrath
, author, Out From the Pleiades

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Release the Hounds
by Misty Cosgrove

"Cormac McCarthy once opined that he wrote few women characters because he did not understand them.  Misty Cosgrove’s poetry provides the voices that McCarthy’s novels lack, while providing a similar aesthetic.  Each poem has a great sense of time and place, but still manages to tap into the universal.  Misty provides us with a litany of grotesqueries and casual atrocities, but never fails to provide some hope scraped from the bottom of the barrel.  I can think of no one better suited to provide empathy for both martyrs and monsters, and isn’t that what literature is for?"

Neil McCrea
, author of Wisdom & Dust

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ordinary words
by Si Philbrook

"Si Philbrook holds a rare voice; a voice that speaks the joy of discovery and the pain of experience, with equal wonder. This extensive collection of his work shows how complete his travels around the questions and answers we all seek, as well as those we never hope to find, have been captured and nurtured into a soundscape of words. This is poetry of our times." 

Kiersty Boon, author

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Thunder At Darwin Station
by Lance Strate

Thunderation! Open up this post-atomic cocktail of poems by Lance Strate and let it shake you up! Thunder at Darwin Station, blends Huxleys with Darwins, evolves with jolts of Joyce and a double DNA dose of Wells and Watsons, spins the reverberations of a blues apocalypse with a green sprig of enlightenment, and delivers you a Galloping Galapagos.  Drink up, it will serve you right!

David Ossman  author, actor, member of Firesign Theatre

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The Medium Is The Muse [Channeling Marshall McLuhan]
edited by Lance Strate & Adeena Karasick

Oracle of the electronic age, Marshall McLuhan believed artists could wake us and offer new windows into the world.  This diverse collection brings together twenty-nine poets, writers, and artists who channel McLuhan as both medium and muse.  Like McLuhan's work, this volume will delight, divert, provoke, incite and inspire readers to channel McLuhan in their own imagination and creative endeavors.

Lillian Allen, Michelle Rae Anderson, Mary Ann Allison
Marleen Barr, David Bateman, Arthur Asa Berger
bill bissett, Tony Burgess, Jerry Harp
Adeena Karasick, William Marshe, John G. McDaid
Jill McGinn, Elizabeth McLuhan, Peter C. Montgomery
Dean Motter, Alexandra Oliver, John Oughton
Si Philbrook, B.W. Powe, Robert Priest
Stephen Roxborough, Lance Strate, Steve Szewczok
Andrea Thompson, Toshio Ushiroguchi-Pigott
John Watts, Dale Winslow, Tom Wolfe

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Open Heart Sutra Surgery
by Stephen Roxborough

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bill bissett, poet, painter, teacher, mystic

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Mao's Mole
by Marc Vincenz

"China throws long shadows.Somewhere between Mao's revelation of the use of the vast Chinese masses, and between Colonel Sanders and Steve Jobs' revelation of the same masses and their use, nothing happened. The masses died, mostly, quickly in battle or slowly by toxins, and the wisdom of monks in the caves stayed the same. The masses and the monks in their caves play an ancient game in Marc Vincenz verses, a complex game of poetry Go, born of the poet's encounter with real people who are at the same time a mass. China's paradoxes breathe in his poems."  

Andrei Codrescu, author of So Recently Rent a World: New and Selected Poems

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by Dale Winslow

"Dale Winslow's Tinderbox shows a sure, mature touch with words, and styles. Many of the poems herein blend symbolist style with contemporary rap: a rap without the theatrical ranting and bling. And from time to time one can hear or glimpse in the background an e e cummings, a John Skelton. Entertaining and thought-provoking.”

Eric McLuhan, author of Electric Language,The Role of Thunder in Finnegans Wake, and co-author with Marshall McLuhan of Laws of Media, and Media and Formal Cause.

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human & c.
by Rich Follett

"human & c. by Rich Follett traces the harmonies of our human experience. As small moments expand into the innumerable consolations of a creative life. Follett borrows voices and uses forms of verse, word play, sounds; pure intelligent joy runs through its sorrowful play. ‘America /still sings - /(lilac will, /sweetly scent /dooryards /many millennia /hence).’ These poems are sounded out of lyric fragment, narrative shard an enduring mosaic of our times. Words squeeze, seep, obtrude and collide like the traumas and exudations they describe. The poems create mayhem on unremarkable language and utterances in order to revitalize them. ‘[S]omething there is /about compassion.’"

Geoffrey Gatza, Author of House of Forgetting

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The Grand National Lobotomy
by John Watts

The Grand National Lobotomy is a two way book comprising an anthology of poetry and the script of John Watts' play The Last Picasso. The poetry is divided into sections including Life & Death & Philosophy, Up & Away Characters Observed, 10 Poems in a Day; all reflecting John’s sardonic humour.  The Last Picasso is the story of a writer resolving things with his daughter before his death. In exchange for helping him, Picasso is allowed to return to earth and create one last great artwork! 

More information about John Watt's book, play, music and upcoming tour can be found HERE:

John Watts World-Go-Round

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by nigel ellis

nigel ellis (aka bruce dorlova) is a poet, songwriter and author, currently undertaking a B. Fine Arts with a major in Creative Writing at Queensland University of Technology.   He has published in numerous print and online journals, and is perforce currently based in Brisbane Australia.

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Nirvana Haymaker
by Frank Reardon

"Read Frank Reardon at your own risk. He’ll open your heart with a corkscrew and leave you wide-eyed and longing for more...these are goddamed excellent poems”

Dan Fante, author of Chump Change, Kissed By a Fat Waitress and Mooch

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by Steve Szewczok

A memory piece served up in sequence, Sugar is a fifty part, long form poem which tells the story of one woman's struggle with her own vices. Though Sugar contains the themes of drug abuse, alcoholism and hard core sexuality, they are used to explore the human condition, in particular ideas on loss, and how one copes with the solitude of heartbreak.

Sugar is in fact a love story that asks the important questions: Where do people go when they leave you?  How small can love get?

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It Broke Anyway
by April Michelle Bratten

"It Broke Anyway, which pays homage to the trials and tribulations of women, reminds me of the Bob Dylan Song, “Just Like a Woman,” except that Bratten's characters never break just like little girls. Instead she creates multidimensional characters who will remind you of your sister, mother, grandmothers, aunts, girl friends and most notably yourself. Bratten's cunning parallels, chilling narratives, and haunting endings remind us what breaks is often more epochal than what remains intact."

Rebecca Schumejda, author of Cadillac Men 

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Bandana Wasteland
by Carly Bryson

"Bryson’s poems reek of Texas.  Each piece is imbued and informed by a landscape which tests, but never tames her protagonists.  In scenes sharply observed, her characters move through an adversarial world and while her narrators may not know for what they search, they are never without a moral compass.  “... you stand outside your car / as the wind blows dirt into your mouth.”  Whether environment or relationships, life is struggle. This ain’t chick lit, kids.  It’s the human situation."

Doc Sigerson
, poet, essayist and translator

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The Time We Have Misspent
100 Sonnets
by M.Z. RIbalow

“With this collection of sonnets, Meir Z. Ribalow takes his rightful place alongside the likes of Frost, Millay, Shelley, Keats and – yes, I’ll say it – Shakespeare, as one of our rare masters of the English language sonnet form.  The evident joy with which Mr. Ribalow plays with language in each gem contained in this volume shows the freedom he feels where others find constraint; in the mere fourteen lines allotted him, Mr. Ribalow manages to take his readers on journeys as deep and as intimate as they are epic.  You will be delighted, charmed, moved and awed by what you find in this collection.  It is nothing short of astonishing.”

Rhona Silverbush, co-author,  Speak the Speech! Shakespeare’s Monologues Illuminated

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Love Notes from a Soldier's Diary
by Craig Podmore

Craig Podmore
is a writer, photographer, filmmaker and director from Manchester, UK. He is the author of I am a Gun and The Abattoir Heavens and The Holy Ghost. His work has appeared in various journals and e-zines including Gloom Cupboard, The Plebian Rag, The Scottish Poetry Review, Epic Rites, Ditch, Poetry, Danse Macabre, Calliope Nerve, Horror, Sleaze, Trash, Sein Und Worden, Sex and Murder Magazine, Gutter Eloquence and Fashion for Collapse.

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Chasing Ghosts
by M.Z. Ribalow

M.Z. Ribalow
is a poet, playwright and author. His novel Peanuts and Crackerjacks and his new play Masterpiece are 2011 publications, and his short fiction appeared in an anthology on Luck in 2010. His two dozen plays have received some 180 productions in a dozen countries; four have been published. His work has been anthologized and has won prizes in London, New York, and regionally.  He is series editor of the Plays from New River volumes (McFarland Publications) and has also co-written ten children’s books and non-fiction books on sports, baseball and chess. He writes frequently on film, theatre, literature, music, and has appeared as a film historian on The Discovery Channel and on special feature documentaries of several DVD releases of classic films. He is Artistic Director and co-founder of New River Dramatists, which has for the last decade successfully developed hundreds of new plays and screenplays while discovering and nurturing gifted writers, and which also presents poetry, fiction and drama on the New River Radio Show on Art International Radio online. He lives in New York City, where he is currently full-time artist-in-residence at Fordham University.

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this wonderful perpetual beautiful
by Stephen Roxborough

Stephen Roxborough (aka roxword) was born in New York to a Canadian father and American mother. He’s a past board member for the Washington Poets Association, co-founder of Burning Word poetry festival, and Head Poet for Madrona Center on Guemes Island. An internationally acclaimed, award-winning performance poet, Rox has been twice nominated for the Pushcart Prize (2003, 2006), appeared at the Skagit River Poetry Festival (2004), Brave New Words (Whidbey Island, 2009) and co-edited radiant danse uv being, a poetic portrait of bill bissett (2006). He is the author of making love in the war zone (2001), so far all the very long important subversive mind-expanding long ones (2002), impeach yourself! (2006), blurst (2009) and son of blurst (2010). His spoken word cd, spiritual demons (2002) is available at and

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Compatible Aspects of the Disparate Endeavor
by Felino A. Soriano

Felino A. Soriano
(b. 1974) is a case manager and advocate for adults with developmental and physical disabilities. In 2010, he was chosen for the Gertrude Stein "rose" prize for creativity in poetry from Wilderness House Literary Review.  Philosophical studies collocated with his connection to various idioms of jazz explains motivation for poetic occurrences.  For information, including his 40 print and electronic collections of poetry (most recently Differences of the Parallel Devotion, Desperanto, 2011), over 2,500 published poems, interviews, and editorships, please visit his website:

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Silence, Inhabited: Poetic Reflections on Surviving Childhood Sexual Abuse by Rich Follett

Rich Follett has recently returned to writing poetry after a thirty-year hiatus. He lives in the sacred and timeless Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, where he joyfully teaches English and Theatre Arts for high school students. His poems have appeared in numerous contemporary journals and e-zines including BlazeVox, Paraphilia, Exercise Bowler, Calliope Nerve, Sugar Mule, Four Branches Press and Counterexample Poetics, for which he is a Featured Artist. He is the co-author of Responsorials (with Constance Stadler). Most recently, his haiku/photo combination Aurora's Adieu received first place honors in the first international iPoetry Poe-Tography Competition.  Silence, Inhabited is his first solo poetry collection.

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Fire in the Marrow by William Crawford

William Crawford has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize in poetry. His work has appeared in numerous magazines and anthologies, most recently including, Counterexample Poetics, The Criterion, Danse Macabre, Differentia Press: Corporeal Manifestations, Leaf Garden, Luciole Press, Unlikely Stories of the Third Kind, and Up the Staircase Quarterly. Fire in the Marrow is his first poetry collection. William lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and is an animal rights activist.

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Wisdom & Dust by Neil McCrea

Neil McCrea is a poet and author living in the Pacific Northwest.  His work has most recently appeared in Knock, Etc: a Review of General Semantics, and in the NeoPoiesis Press anthology Candy. Wisdom & Dust is his first poetry collection.

Read more about this publication HERE.

Sunday Morning Spiders by Victoria Fotios

Victoria Fotios is a poet and author who currently divides her time between London and her family in Hampshire.  She was Online Poet of the Year 2008 and has been published collaboratively, most recently in Candy by NeoPoesis Press (2009).  Sunday Morning Spiders is her first poetry collection.

Read more about this publication HERE.

Bells for Her by Samantha Ledger

Samantha Ledger
is a poet and photographer currently living on the  outskirts of London.  She is the author of Everybody Else’s Girl, and her work  has been featured in numerous publications including Up the Staircase,  Heroin Love Songs, Osprey Journal, Luciole Press and ETC: A Review of  General Semantics Bells for Her is Ledger’s second collection of poetry.

Read more about this publication HERE.

Interstate Chokehold by Frank Reardon

Frank Reardon
has published several poetry collections including Cancer Face, Exorcism Of The Con-Artist  and Rival Tongues.  His work has appeared in such magazines and webzines as New York Quarterly, Quillbillies, Black Listed, Epic Rites, Denver Syntax and Kill PoetInterstate Chokehold is his first major collection.  Frank currently lives in North Dakota and is working on his first novel.

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Responsorials by Rich Follett and Constance Stadler

From the Introduction  

The complex relationship between masculine and feminine, explored consistently throughout the history of poetry, offers fertile ground for collaborative creation. In discussion of the inherent possibilities we realized with astonishment that, in a milieu where authenticity is venerated as a hallmark of quality, the lion’s share of published poems exploring this duality have been written from a singular rather than a dialogical perspective. The poems in this collection represent a resultant ongoing effort to break free from the bonds of such limitations; specifically, this is a collection of poetic dyads (responsorials) intended to reveal the myriad facets of the masculine/feminine adventure.  
     - Rich Follett and Constance Stadler  

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* This book includes a link to an audio download of the poets reading their work.

with the Patience of Monuments

Jack Henry lives in the high desert of SE California.  Published in numerous journals, he also has six chapbooks to his name.  with the Patience of Monuments is his first full length collection of poetry.  Jack Henry is the pen name of Thomas Kenney.

Read more about this publication HERE.

Amulet Cypher

Amulet Cypher, David Arshawsky's first collection of poetry, is frequently abstract, continually unexpected and permeates the reader's imagination with the most inspiring of images and concepts.  The inclusion of a selection of his accomplished and unique artwork makes this book a welcome addition to any collection.   

David Arshawsky has designed and sculpted many toy lines including Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Star Trek and Earthworm Jim.  An artist who has worked in cake design, sculpture, painting, illustrating and more, he is now sharing his gift for writing poetry.

Read more about this publication HERE.

Candy:  A Collection to Satisfy Your Sweetest Cravings

An eclectic collection which ranges from the romantic to the taboo and from the intimate to the voyeuristic.  With sensitivity, passion and at times humor, these poems capture the delights of sex, sexuality, love, lust and fantasy.    

Read more about this publication HERE.