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     Sunday Morning Spiders by Victoria Fotios

Victoria Fotios is a poet and author who currently divides her time between London and her family in Hampshire.  She was Online Poet of the Year 2008 and has been published collaboratively, most recently in Candy by NeoPoesis Press (2009).  Sunday Morning Spiders is her first poetry collection.

Sunday Morning Spiders by Victoria Fotios

From the Introduction

“There is a gentle revelation that comes with the gift of another’s carefully crafted vision; with these poems, there is not a sense of the hypocrisy of a vicarious experience, there is a sense of shared consequence. Her words draw us into a world where a certain shaping of the imagination is required to enter the portal.”
     - Amanda Joy, poet, sculptor, installation artist and songwriter, author of Not Enough to Fold

ISBN 978-0-9819984-6-6
96 pages
5.5"x8.5" perfect bound, paper

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I have no right to be amused.
I am the one standing naked
with a tea pot in my hand;
but I cannot chase the twist from my mouth
as I watch my neighbour
co-ordinate her clothes pegs
to her washing.
So careful is she
that I think she cannot be happy
but, this soothes her
and who the hell am I to wonder
if it reveals a mind and heart
It's half past 11 in the morning.
I have been awake since the fox nudged my door.
I have not washed the night from me,
have not evacuated the bed of me,
not so much as opened the French doors
for fresh air.
She is happy with her rainbow of laundry.
I make my tea,
walk past my wash hamper;
I don't need clothes today


“When I first came across Victoria Fotios' poetry I knew I had found a poet I would read and enjoy for many years. Her very English slightly off-centre poetry reminds me of Larkin at his best. “Pegs” is and always will be one of my favourite ever poems. This is a collection not to be missed. “
     - Si Philbrook, poet, published in various journals including Poetry Monthly (UK)

“A beautiful insight into a life that is conveyed with breathtaking poignancy. The secret moments, emotions and scenes that are weaved throughout this collection have an intimacy that is compelling. Refreshing honesty and imagery that effortlessly transports the reader into another's life. Victoria Fotios paints pictures with her words. “
     - Kiersty Boon, author of Walking On Chalk and The Poet Busker