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     Underground Sun
     by Lee Edward Pricer

Lee Pricer lives “on a mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam”.

Underground Sun
by Lee Edward Pricer

"A ride down a well-crafted waterfall of words. An edgy yet soft puzzle of poetry. Lee weaves his words from an enduring and unique fabric. A true modern poet."

Karla Bush, poet, Road Scholar

ISBN 978-0-9975021-1-4
130 pages
5.5"x8.5" perfect bound, paper

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dark monikers

lunger flung in throat clearing spit(e)

monikers, rancor, foul language
from persons thought to be alone
shapeshift in my greeting presence

lesson learned

linguistics meant for no ears will always find a pair
and these are never to be ashamed of or unaccounted for

they’re the ones I live to decipher

like my abnormal heart beat

strange, inefficient,            a little out of place

but keeping me alive


through a labyrinth of maize and brunette cowlicks
I glide down easily on circular stairway banisters
through scalp fields of varying lengths of hair

& with each galvanizing descent
I rise back up again
through addicts undertow
to the tips of white lips
the crashing conductor waves
breaking over telepathic lies

& I round them
like sharp coral stones over time
trading the warp of degenerated memories
for the momentum and power
of positive stimulation
in the brain tickling
of centipede intentions


"Lee Pricer has always been able to connect the internal rumblings of one’s soul and soliloquize the beauty within the ashes. There have been so many moments in which he opened my heart to a paralleled experience to the universe of many other “lost souls.” I am forever grateful for those moments and am reminded that not all that wander are lost."

Erin Murray, Internal Wanderer, Artist

"Pricer’s poetry is visceral and potent with raw emotion. It will reveal to you the intimate, grotesque, and hidden parts of your psyche."

Regina Alexandra, poet, author of Manque