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Ego To Earthschool
     by Stephen Roxborough

Stephen Roxborough has lived in three countries, 9 states & 2 provinces.  

He's inspired by many of the people he meets, including Duke Eillington, Andy Warhol,  Willie Mays, Daniel Lanois, bill bissett, Johnny Weismuller, Jorge Luis Borges,  Gordie Howe, Karl Blau, Pierre Trudeau, Joe DiMaggio, David Ossman,  Terrence Blanchard, Alex Colville,  and his mother & father.

With Jeff Pew, he co-edited radiant danse uv being, a poetic portrait of bill bissett  (Nightwood Editions). He's the author of three full collections of poetry, 10 chapbooks, and one CD.  

Rox also explores the poetry of photography and has mounted art shows in Toronto, Vancouver, Las Vegas, Whidbey Island, Anacortes, and Seattle.  

He is currently Creative Director & Editor for NeoPoiesis Press.

Ego To Earthschool
by Stephen Roxborough

"Encyclopaedic in scope, seriously playful, uncanny and witty, often very funny, always wise, rarely solemn, seasoned with more than a dash of righteous fury, Roxborough’s luminous poetry (re)makes the world by letting us hear things we thought we knew by heart being spoken for the first time."

Geoff Inverarity, screenwriter

ISBN 978-0-9975021-6-9
162 pages
5.5"x8.5" perfect bound, paper

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intro to earthschool

there will be a test

much of the material is not in a book
or on a screen
                   experience counts
for almost all of your grade

you are not your job
your job is to learn something
your job is to find out who you are
where you belong
how to get there
                   mistakes are inevitable
                   we encourage you to make a few

your will will be tested
in the end you will evaluate
& grade yourself
                   most of the big questions
           have no specific practical answers
perhaps there are no right answers

did i mention earthschool isn't fair?
but it's like a great fair
so have some fun

your experience is all part
of the balance of the high-wire juggle
& razor's edge sword-swallow
the unhappy merry-go-round
& the holy-rollercoaster
the dream-flight the timeless clock
& first steps of the fire walk

your assessment will be re-evaluated
by an independent panel
& sent telepathically to your subconscious
as updates are needed or requested

please enjoy your stay


"Earthschool is filled with great ideas, raving words, freedom rants, jazzy thought-lines, and wonderful word plays."

Sheri-D Wilson, poet

ego to earthschool is a hard look in2 th eyez uv th organ
uv us our grasping n controlling wayze obsessd with th
frustraysyuns uv turf n th “pill we take to be who we were
before we needed the pill” challenging rewarding poignant
erthee amayzing book brillyant with langwage n ideas

bill bissett, painter, poet, visionary

"Roxborough works for freedom of thought, elevation of spirit, deeper awareness, and higher consciousness."

Kyle Field (aka Little Wings), singer/songwriter, artist, space/time surfer

"These poems explore the absurdity of 21st century life with insight and humor, managing to be playful while asking the serious questions. A rare book of poetry that entertains from cover to cover."

William Taylor Jr., author of To Break the Heart of the Sun