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     Thunder at Darwin Station
     by Lance Strate

Lance Strate is a native New Yorker, having been born in Manhattan, and moved out to Queens two weeks later, and now working in the Bronx and living in New Jersey, just across the Hudson in SopranoLand. He writes. A lot. Well, not as much as some, but still, quite a bit. His poetry has been published in Poetica Magazine, KronoScope, Anekaant, ETC, Explorations in Media Ecology, General Semantics Bulletin, and several anthologies, including Candy, and The Medium is the Muse: Channeling Marshall McLuhan. He has written comedy and humor for a zine and local access cable program, lay sermons and prayers, an episode of the nationally syndicated children's animated television program Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers, several multimedia presentations, and many blog posts. Lance is perhaps best known for his many essays that have been published as journal articles and book chapters in edited volumes. He has a few books of the intellectual sort to his credit, Echoes and Reflections is one, On the Binding Biases of Time is another, and Amazing Ourselves to Death is his most recent. There are some academic anthologies that he has co-edited as well, including The Legacy of McLuhan. Lance is a teacher and enjoys his time in the classroom, his formal title being Professor of Communication and Media Studies at Fordham University, and he also teaches in the graduate program in Media and Professional Communication at Fairleigh Dickinson University. He is often identified as a media ecologist, and quite happy to be known as such, having been the founder and first president of the Media Ecology Association. A member of the Board of Trustees of the Institute of General Semantics, and President of Congregation Adas Emuno of Leonia, New Jersey, Lance hopes someday to find the time...

Thunder At Darwin Station
by Lance Strate

Thunderation! Open up this post-atomic cocktail of poems by Lance Strate and let it shake you up! Thunder at Darwin Station, blends Huxleys with Darwins, evolves with jolts of Joyce and a double DNA dose of Wells and Watsons, spins the reverberations of a blues apocalypse with a green sprig of enlightenment, and delivers you a Galloping Galapagos.  Drink up, it will serve you right!

David Ossman  author, actor, member of Firesign Theatre

ISBN 978-0-9892018-7-2
82 pages
5.5"x8.5" perfect bound, paper

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"Rhetorically poignant...witty charm mixed with story-telling prose come to mind when reading this lovely ensemble from New York poet, Lance Strate. I particularly enjoyed the Sixth Thunder."  

Alannah Myles,
singer, songwriter      

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bill bissett, poet, painter, mystic