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     by nigel ellis

nigel ellis (aka bruce dorlova) is a poet, songwriter and author, currently undertaking a B. Fine Arts with a major in Creative Writing at Queensland University of Technology.   He has published in numerous print and online journals, and is perforce currently based in Brisbane Australia.

(drawing of nigel ellis by Sade Maaret Webb)

by nigel ellis

ISBN 978-0-9855577-4-4
124 pages
5.5"x8.5" perfect bound, paper

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if i wanted

i could sing you

clean and clear and sweet as


wrap you round my alphabet tongue


i could ribbon

the sound of           you

down my xylophone spine

all snaked and laddered and



i could speak you

burst you berried

on my palate

whistle you through my teeth sharp

and high.


i could twist      with

my tongue a word rope

for you to dance

across with an umbrella in your hand

and a short short skirt you could turn



then jump

i could                  catch

you in my arms.

there would be cheers.  applause.

there would be wolf


this ancient song

made new.

your hands

make birdshadows

beat against a wall


our pavilion

its silks and streamers


flutter in the chill

breeze of after - noon

await the still


- pause -


the space between

the indrawn breath of day

the slow sigh of night -


a moment in time

a moment away

a moment




your hands

make birdshadows

beat against a wall.



requiem 1


has tethered this flight -

the sweet loamy smell of us

the picked-clean bones of us

this microbial

disarrangement of senses.


one perfect pinion


air to ribbons.

one scalpel keelbone


air to breathing-gas.

one fishhook toe


tides of cirrus.


the scattered feathers move

to breath

which left the lungs

and won't return

the slow exhale:

the cage of ribs

unbarred, the door

swung wide.


the bones are cast

upon the ground,

the fortune gathered up.

this headstone tooth

has bit us off

this tombstone door

has shut us out


the heavy sky let fall

the parts that could not fly.