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     Into the Arms of the Goddess:  A Kundalini Awakening
     by Peter Nelson

Peter Nelson was born to a musical family in England and moved to Canada in 1964 at ten years old.  Discovering Jane Roberts and the Seth Material in the early 70s changed the direction of his life, leading to an ongoing journey of self-discovery and expansion of awareness through lucid dreaming and out-of-body states.  In 2007 a meeting with an old friend began a series of extraordinary events leading to a profound Kundalini Awakening and the dissolution of normal everyday reality. "Into the Arms of the Goddess" is the personal journal of someone learning to accept the greatest gift of all.  

Into the Arms of the Goddess: A Kundalini Awakening
by Peter Nelson

"This spirituality had snaked through all of my lives like a lit fuse, slowly burning down from one life to the next, sometimes sparking brightly and other times almost accidentally being trodden out, and now it was about to find its source.  The umbilical cord had almost led to the mother of the universe.  I was about to meet God."

ISBN  978-0-9855577-2-0
428 pages
5.5"x8.5" perfect bound, paper

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"An exhilarating, eye-opening adventure. Once you read this book, your fundamental view of the world is forever changed."

- Alex Fasulo-Cronin, Human Resources Manager


"Grounded and often humourous, this intimate account of an extraodinary shift in consciousness presents a unique outlook about what it means to be a human being on earth today. One is somehow left with a sense that this could happen to anyone."

- Maggie Fraser, Psychotherapist


"The mystical or psychic experience is something only the individual can tell for themselves. No amount of words my reveal the true journey - but Peter Nelson's story is the closest to Truth I've ever witnessed."

- Heather Anne Burton, Medium and Intuitive