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     Our Team

Dale Winslow, Editor-In-Chief & Publisher

Dale Winslow earned her B.Sc. in Wildlife Management from the University of Guelph and her B.Ed. from the University of Victoria.  She has enjoyed life as an interpretive naturalist, wildlife and fisheries biologist, teacher, photographer, painter, editor and writer.  She was co-editor of the Poetry Ring feature for ETC: A Review of General Semantics from 2008-2011.  She is the author of Tinderbox and her poetry has been published in Other Voices, ETC, General Semantics Bulletin, several anthologies as well as in various e-zines.  She was co-editor and contributor to the poetry anthology Candy. Dale resides in Victoria on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

Erin Badough, Editor & Manager  

Erin Badough is a licensed professional engineer who currently resides in San Antonio, Texas, with her dog. She earned a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Environmental Engineering from Texas Tech University. Erin's poetry has been published in ETC, The Poetic Pinup Review, various e-zines, and she was co-editor and contributor to the poetry anthology Candy.  In her spare time, Erin enjoys yoga, cooking, and traveling to other countries.

Lance Strate, Editor  

Lance Strate is Professor of Communication and Media Studies at Fordham University, a founder and past president of the Media Ecology Association, and a past president of the New York State Communication Association.  He is the author of several books, including Echoes and Reflections, On the Binding Biases of Time, and Amazing Ourselves to Death; his first poetry collection, Thunder at Darwin Station, is forthcoming from NeoPoiesis Press. He has been the editor of several journals, a book series editor for Hampton Press, and co-edited several anthologies, including Communication and Cyberspace, The Legacy of McLuhan, Korzybski And…,  and a collection of creative writing called The Medium is the Muse:  Channeling Marshall McLuhan (to be published by NeoPoiesis Press). Translations of his writing have appeared in French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Hungarian, Hebrew, Mandarin, and Quenya.  He is a recipient of the Media Ecology Association's 2013 Walter J. Ong Award for Career Achievement in Scholarship.

Stephen Roxborough, Editor & Creative Director

Stephen Roxborough served on the Washington Poets Association board, co-founded Burning Word poetry festival, and is Head Poet for Madrona Eco-Arts Center on Guemes Island. He's had an award-winning career in advertising (Toronto and Las Vegas) as a copywriter and creative director. Rox co-edited radiant danse uv being, a poetic portrait of bill bissett. He is also the author of making love in the war zone, impeach yourself!, blurst, son of blurst, spiritual demons, the little book of luminosophy, this wonderful perpetual beautiful, and open heart sutra surgery. Rox and his camera are often busy capturing and creating visions for the visionary in everybody.

Milo Duffin, Senior Art Director & Creative Consultant

Milo Duffin has been an award-winning Designer & Art Director for over 30 years. He's worked for numerous national and international clients, creating everything from billboards to buttons. He's collaborated with Stephen Roxborough for over 20 years. In 2004, Milo began designing anthologies and Burning Word posters for the Washington Poets Association. A bass player with Full Throttle Blues Band for 10 years, he plays in popular blues establishments, including the House of Blues in Las Vegas.

Rich Follett, Editor

Rich Follett is a High School English, Theatre, and Mythology teacher who has been writing poems and songs for more than 35 years. His poems have been featured in numerous online and print journals, including BlazeVox, The Montucky Review, Paraphilia, Leaf Garden Press and CounterExample Poetics, for which he is a featured artist. Three volumes of poetry, Responsorials (with Constance Stadler), Silence, Inhabited, and Human & c. are available through NeoPoiesis Press. He lives with his wife Mary Ruth Alred Follett in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, where he also pursues his interests as a professional actor, singer/songwriter, playwright and director.